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First University-Level Workplace Wellness Conference

042011NewsAndNotes_WellnessThe all-day ‘Making the Grade in Worksite Wellness’ Workshop was held on April 1 in the EUC. Sponsored by HealthyUNCG, it was the first ever workshop for the wellness leaders of the UNC system universities and the state’s community colleges. About 35 people attended, representing eight community colleges and nine UNC system universities.

Chancellor Linda P. Brady gave opening remarks and Ruth Barlow, the statewide wellness coordinator director, gave a presentation. Dr. Bill Evans (PHE) introduced the speakers and Dr. Dan Bibeau (PHE) facilitated the sessions. The participants walked away with having met wellness leaders from across the state, noted Dr. Michelle L. Cathorall (PHE), in addition to learning specific ideas that they can use to enhance their programs and stories of what is working or not at other campuses.