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We’ll rethink 3-tier system, provost says

051811Feature_ProvostProgReviewWhen General Administration’s program review assesses UNCG, our program review process will help UNCG advocate for its strongest programs. But there are concerns to work through, as those who attended the Faculty Senate’s most recent forum heard.

“We have some issues to get right,” Provost David H. Perrin told the Board of Trustees at their May 5 meeting. He cited two examples: how to use data and how to break the programs into segments or tiers.

He told the trustees that he had met recently with all department chairs, deans and Faculty Senate members to discuss Program Review and to hear their concerns. Later that week, he would meet with seven current or past Faculty Senate chairs to hear their thoughts and concerns.

Earlier, at the Faculty Senate’s forum on April 27, a number of concerns and suggestions were raised by faculty members.

“I hope we can take this summer to get a better position for faculty to move this forward,” Perrin told the trustees.

Those two specific concerns – use of data and the proposed three-tier system – are being addressed. For example, he has invited a consultant to work with UNCG’s Office of Institutional Research regarding data.

And he acknowledged the concern expressed about the proposed three-tier system, by which the program review committees would essentially rank programs into three groupings. “We will rethink this,” he said.

After meeting with the current and past Faculty Senate chairs, as well as Program Review Unit Committee chairs, he updated the deans recently with a detailed message, with information he invited them to share with faculty and staff in their schools.

(See the memo here.)

He will announce a new timeline for Academic Program Review, he said, after Dean’s Council meets in late May. He added, “It is important that we position the university to begin the unit reviews in the fall.”

He anticipates a retreat in August, before classes begin, for members of the program review committees.

Faculty and staff may continue to provide suggestions at http://opa.uncg.edu/programreview/. At that Program Review site, you may sign up for the listserv for updates when new information is added to the site. “We want the discussion of how to improve this process to be as inclusive as possible, which will be a challenge given that summer is now under way,” he said. “We are hoping faculty and staff will find this web site a convenient way to remain engaged because it is very important that we work together to address the challenges facing our university.”

By Mike Harris
Visual from UNCG Photography archives, Chris English photographer