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Positions cut

UNCG’s budget cut of more than 15 percent has meant the loss of positions throughout the university.

  • Figures available late last week show 235 FTE (full-time equivalent) positions are being eliminated.
  • These include approximately 156 faculty positions.
  • About half of the eliminated positions were held vacant earlier, to help reduce the number of filled positions lost.

“These cuts are real, they are painful and they impact us all. Supporting one another will be more important than ever, especially those whose positions are impacted by budget reductions,” the chancellor said in announcing the cuts.

“I have seen firsthand members of the UNCG community going the extra mile to support one another and our university. Our faculty are taking on increased teaching loads. Many of our staff are filling multiple roles as a result of cutbacks,” she said in her email.

The figures were available last Thursday as she, Provost Perrin and Reade Taylor spoke at the Board of Trustees retreat. Brady noted the cut was 15.3 percent in state appropriations in addition to the ending of the iSchool program.

Among the figures presented to the trustees:

  • 235 full-time-equivalent positions (FTE) are being cut. Many were filled by more than one person – for example, several part-time individuals may account for one full-time position.
  • 626 people are no longer employed at UNCG because of the budget cuts, Taylor said. This includes individuals with full-time positions, those with part-time positions, those holding a full-time job elsewhere who would have taught a course at UNCG, etc. 543 of those no longer employed at UNCG were faculty.
  • Of those 626 individuals, 582 were in Academic Affairs. Business Affairs, with the second-highest losses, lost 32.

Additionally, a lower enrollment this year (the result of UNCG’s heightened standards for incoming students) is expected to result in a loss of about $1.5 million, Perrin noted.

Students will be greatly affected by the cuts. UNCG will suffer the loss of about 40,500 seats and 975 course sections, Brady said. Class sizes will be larger. Provost Perrin has worked with the Deans Council to identify and protect the most crucial courses to keep students on track for graduation, she said, and a temporary course substitution policy was approved for students whose graduation might otherwise be delayed.

“I encourage you to reach out to your colleagues who serve on the UNCG Budget Sounding Board, Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, Student Government Association and Graduate Student Association and share your thoughts and suggestions for dealing with the difficult challenges we face,” Brady added. “I personally value your feedback and thoughts. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly by emailing lpbrady@uncg.edu.”

By Mike Harris