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Honoring some who make our university thrive

“It is my pleasure this morning to acknowledge the incredible work of our faculty and staff,” Chancellor Linda P. Brady said at the beginning of the Faculty and Staff Excellence Awards ceremony Aug. 17. She spoke of the commitment the honored individuals – and all faculty and staff – show every day.

“These efforts will continue to make our university thrive, even in these difficult times,” she said.

The award recipients were:

Board of Governors Teaching Excellence Award

  • Dr. Patrick Lee Lucas (Interior Architecture)

Gladys Strawn Bullard Awards

  • Dr. Gary Rosenkrantz (Philosophy)
  • Laura Pitts (Advancement)
  • Joseph Borawski (Political Science and International and Global Studies)

Staff Excellence Awards

  • Karen Stacherski (Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations)
  • Lisa Walker (Nutrition)

Alumni Teaching Excellence Awards

  • Dr. Jennifer Etnier (Kinesiology)
  • Dr. Maura Heyn (Classical Studies)

Research Excellence Awards

  • Dr. Nadja Cech (Chemistry and Biochemistry)
  • Dr. Christopher Hodgkins (English)

Student Learning Enhancement Awards

  • Dr. Ken Allan (Sociology)
  • Dr. Lakshmi Iyer (Information Systems and Operations Management)

The chancellor also recognized those received services awards for 30, 35 and 40 years of service:

Service Awards for 30 years

  • Carol Bell (Student Health Services), Deborah Bell (Theatre), Gaylor Callahan (University Libraries), Chuck Curry (ITS), Chris Fay (Grounds), Ted Hunter (University Libraries), Derrick Lankford (Student Health Services), William Markham (Sociology), Jeffrey Patton (Geography), Stephen Ruzicka (History), Glenda Sparks (Continual Learning), Adalyn Vallecorsa (School of Education), Robert Wineburg (Social Work)

Service Awards for 35 years

  • Denise Baker (College of Arts & Sciences), Donald McCrickard (Bryan School), Mark Smith-Soto (Romance Languages)

Service Awards for 40 years

  • Margo Bender (Romance Languages), Paul Stewart (Music)

By Mike Harris
Visual: Dr. Nadja Cech, center left, and Dr. Chris Hodgkins, center right, with Chancellor Brady and Dr. Terri Shelton. On CW home page: Dr. Jennifer Etnier receives an Alumni Teaching Excellence Award.