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Free yoga, Zumba and more

HealthyUNCG is co-sponsoring ActiveU with Campus Rec to provide free classes just for UNCG employees. Employees can earn 10 points per class for a total of 150 points, in the Spartan Points program.

The first class of the year – Zumba – will be Sept. 16. The next two classes will be Simple Strength and Yoga. Classes will in the SRC fitness studio.

Dates and full details for Fall 2011 ActiveU sessions can be found on the HealthyUNCG calendar. They will be offered each Friday, 12:30-1:30 p.m.

They are hosted by HealthyUNCG and Campus Rec.

The ActiveU classes are free and open to all employees, says Dr. Michelle L. Cathorall (PHE), director of HealthyUNCG. As they say, bring your UNCG ID – and a fellow employee or two. Lloyd Douglas (Sponsored Programs), who participated in several classes last semester, noted that it was very well attended, particularly by staff.

You do not have to be a Rec Center member or join the Rec Center to participate. ActiveU is designed to give employees an opportunity to try out different types of physical activity and so the Rec Center and HealthyUNCG wanted to make sure it was available to everyone.

Lea Leininger (Jackson Library) took part in several classes last spring. Not only was it free and convenient, she told CW, “it wasn’t intimidating at all. There were staff and faculty and everyone was at a different level of fitness.”

She added, “For a busy mom working full time, this program was great. It became a regular reminder to get up, unplug, take a break and do something healthy for myself.”

Lane DeHaven Grubar (CFNC Pathways Partnership) explained, “It is a great way to recharge in the middle of the day.”

Marilyn Hanichak (Access Services, Jackson) took all the sessions last spring, she told CW. “I was not fond of boot camp or the other high impact classes, but the instructors always showed how to do exercizes using low impact moves. I really enjoyed yoga, tai chi, and learning to work with the exercize balls – the last two were new to me. I also liked Zumba, just because I enjoy music and dancing.”

She liked being introduced to new exercise techniques, and she liked the variety. But, “One of the greatest things about it was meeting people from across campus.

“I would encourage anyone who asked to get involved,” she said. “I definitely had fun.”

By Mike Harris