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‘You don’t have to give. Instead you get to give.’

The 2011 State Employees Combined Campaign (SECC) is in full swing. It is the official giving campaign for state employees, benefitting more than 1,000 charitable groups in our area and the state.

At a meeting of volunteer solicitors from throughout campus last Friday, Chancellor Linda P. Brady spoke of the lives touched by Hospice, by children’s services, environmental groups – the list goes on. Everyone has a passion, she explained.

“Whatever your passion is, through the SECC, you can make a difference.”

This year’s goal is ambitious: $235,000. It’s the same goal as last year, which our campus exceeded – though with the budget cuts, there are fewer faculty and staff than last year, which presents a greater challenge.

Dr. John Locke (Music), who has been an SECC volunteer solicitor in Music for about 25 years, spoke next. For the last several years, he has gotten 100 percent participation from Music.

As this year’s chair of the campus campaign, he shared some tips and advice from his years of volunteering as a solicitor for a cause – the SECC – that he feels passionate about.

“Be relentless,” he advised the solicitors. An email from Locke went out earlier this week to all UNCG employees, asking for their participation.

There are two choices for giving: payroll deduction or a one-time payment by check, cash or credit card. Payroll deduction and the billing options begin Jan. 1, 2012, for a period of one year. Five dollars per month (beginning in January) is the minimum amount eligible for payroll deduction.

If you are an employee, you have likely received your large white envelope. You are encouraged to complete the pledge form, sign it and seal it in the smaller business enveloped in the packet.

You may designate your contribution to specific agencies if you wish – or simply allow your contribution to benefit all of the agencies.

Locke has a saying about SECC: ‘You don’t have to give. Instead you get to give.’

By Mike Harris
Visual: Volunteer SECC solicitors learn about this year’s goal – and receive tips and instructions.