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Professional development for Fall 2011

Human Resource Services announces the publication of the Professional Development Catalog for Fall 2011. As employees of UNCG, we are all seeking ways to acquire new knowledge and competencies that will enable us to excel in our positions, they said in the announcement. Courses are available to all UNCG faculty, staff, and administrators.

“HRS is especially excited to have faculty experts joining us this fall to expand our training offerings. Courses in Conversational Spanish will be offered by faculty in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Culture in the College of Arts and Sciences. Courses in Managing Diverse Work Teams, Conflict Resolution, Cultural Change, Avoiding Stereotyping, Leadership, Myers-Briggs Assessment, and Teamwork, will be taught by faculty in the Department of Business Administration in the Bryan School. A special course on Intercultural Sensitivity will be presented by the International Programs Center. We are grateful for the partnerships with Dr. Timothy Johnston, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Dr. “Mac” Banks, Dean, Bryan School; Dr. Kevin Lowe, Chair, Department of Business Administration; and Dr. Amy Williamsen, Chair, Department of Languages, Literatures, and Culture; and Dr. Penelope Pynes, Director, International Programs Center, who have made this program possible.

“Course registration and a link to the HRS fall catalog are now available at http://web.uncg.edu/hrs/Training/ Seating is limited, so please enroll at your earliest convenience to take advantage of these special course offerings.”