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Select a book

If you were being honored, and could choose one book for Jackson Library’s collection, which would you select and why?

On Sept. 29, 2011, newly tenured or promoted faculty members were honored in this way, which has become a yearly tradition. Chancellor Linda P. Brady, Provost David H. Perrin and Dean Rozann Bazirjian made remarks at the reception that evening.

The tradition started in 2006, as the University Libraries and the Provost’s Office developed this way to recognize faculty who achieve tenure or promotion. Each newly tenured or promoted faculty member selects a book for the library’s collection that is then bookplated to commemorate her or his achievement. Faculty members choose a book with special meaning to them and write a brief statement about why they selected that book.

Each year, the books that were selected, along with the personal statements, are displayed on the first level of Jackson Library. The are now on view.

To see pictures of the nominees, as well as their explanation of the book they chose and why, visit http://library.uncg.edu/info/events_and_awards/recognition/2011_promotion_and_tenure.aspx

More information, as well as lists of honorees and their books from previous years, is at http://library.uncg.edu/info/events_and_awards/promotion_and_tenure.aspx.

By Mike Harris and Kimberly Lutz