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Dr. Linda Buettner

Dr. Linda Buettner (Community and Therapeutic Recreation) has been named 2011 American Therapeutic Recreation Association Distinquished Fellow. This distinguished fellow award is the highest recognition one can receive in ATRA. Buettner is known as a national leader for her work in gerontological recreation therapy, particularly in the area of dementia. Among many examples of her contributions have been authoring (with Suzanne Fitzsimmons) Dementia Practice Guidelines for Disturbing Behaviors for the American Therapeutic Recreation Association, in 2003, and her creation of the master’s in Geriatric Recreation Therapy at Florida Gulf Coast University. In 2010 she won the Reisberg Award for Dementia Practice and Research. This is an interdisciplinary award given once per year in New York City with nominees from the dementia research community worldwide. She was the first Geriatric Treatment Network Coordinator for ATRA. Buettner currently chairs the North Carolina Recreation Therapy Association Research Committee and has once again taken on the leadership of the Geriatric Treatment Network in 2010 to help educate and advocate for recreational therapy in skilled nursing.