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Dr. Mark Elliott

Wednesday, Oct.19, the Greensboro Bar Association will sponsor a symposium on “The Greensboro Bar and The Rights of State Citizenship: How Greensboro and Its Lawyers Led the Debates that Culminated in the Constitution of 1868 and its Ground-Breaking Public Education Clause.” There’s a PDF about the event at http://nealrobbins.com/greensboro/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/10-11-history-cle.pdf. Mark will be talking on “Albion Tourgee and the 1868 Constitution” and specifically on “Tourgee’s role in the adoption of the 1868 Constitution, his constitutional values, his views on race and civil rights, and the importance of the Public Education Clause. This presentation will place the State Constitution in its historical context and discuss the legacies of 1868 for today.” Register for this free symposium and CLE seminar by emailing mary.allen@greensboro-nc.gov. Additionally, on Friday, Nov. 5, Elliott is one of the keynoters at a symposium sponsored by UNC Chapel Hill’s Center for the Study of the American South, “A Radical Notion of Democracy: Law, Race, and Albion Tourgée, 1865-1905, A Public Law and Humanities Symposium.” For details on that symposium, see this news item.