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International staff exchange a first for UNCG

As a part of the UNCG Strategic Plan goal 5.3, “to provide an international experience for qualified faculty, staff and students,” UNCG has begun to initiate a few activities designed specifically to engage staff in the internationalization process.

“To date these have included intercultural training through the ESP, increasing contact with our international students in the Staff Senate, and inviting staff to be interviewed by our visiting German Fulbright group in August,” says Dr. Penelope Pynes, associate provost for international programs

The latest venture is a first for UNCG: an international staff exchange. This human resources staff exchange involves two Swedish HR professionals from Linnaeus University in Vaxjo Sweden. It will be reciprocated in the future, with UNCG sending two staff members to Vaxjo.

These two individuals will be at UNCG until Oct. 27 learning about human resource practices in the United States and sharing information on their practices in Sweden.

“We are delighted to have the Swedish visitors here and are learning a great deal from them,” said Dr. Edna Chun, associate vice chancellor for human resource services.