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Murder or self defense?

Was it murder or self defense, the accused a victim or a criminal? Those questions unfold in dramatic form during UNCG Theatre’s presentation of “Self Defense, or death of some salesmen” Oct. 28-Nov. 6 in the Brown Building Theatre.

It examines the case of Jolene Palmer, a character based on convicted serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Wuornos’ story has been told in many forms including two full-length documentaries, an opera, a made-for-TV movie, a comic book, numerous crime books and in the major motion picture “Monster,” which earned actress Charlize Theron an Academy Award.

On Wednesday, Nov. 2, an in-depth pre-show discussion of the play and themes will be offered at 5 p.m. This Frame/Works program helps in drawing connections between scholarly examination and artistic practice, as it frames a work of theatre.

The speakers and topics are “The Prison as ‘Public Secret'” Dr. Nina Billone Prieur, Duke ;”Behind the Razor Wire: Incarcerated Women and Questions of Representation” Dr. Ashley Lucas, UNC Chapel Hill ; “Aileen Carol Wournos, Heroine of Last Resort” Dr. Jules Odendahl-James, Duke. More information is here.

Full story about the production is at UNCG News.

Photo by Bert VanderVeen (l-r, Justin Crawford, Alex Elliott and Leah Turley in “Self Defense”)