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Will HRL keep streak of 100 % SECC envelopes turned in? Doris Corbett believes they will.

A lot of people know Doris Corbett. She been at UNCG for 15 years – in the Physical Plant, in the Division of Continual Learning, in the History Department.

She has been assistant assignments coordinator for Housing and Residence Life for the last five years, working with supervisor Jood Schachtschneider, who has been at UNCG more than 30 years.

Corbett explains they serve the students and their housing needs. “We want to give them the best experience possible.” For her, there are meal plan assignments as well as all the housing assignments to input and maintain. Right now, they’re accepting spring applications. January through September is their busy time for fall housing requests. The renovation of the Quad halls and the opening of Jefferson Suites have kept them on their toes, in addition to the normal things.

During the fall months, she wears another hat in HRL: SECC volunteer solicitor.

The SECC (State Employees Combined Campaign), which is in its final weeks, is the official giving campaign for state employees. It helps support more than a thousand charitable organizations around the region and the state.

The campus goal this year is $235,000. The campaign currently has reached about 80 percent of that goal.

She sends out email reminders to the 83 employees. She reminds supervisors that she can be contacted if someone misplaces their form or has questions when they’re filling it out. She sets the departmental deadline for returning envelopes two weeks before the campus deadline.

She says her department is generous and responsive.

“Within the first week, I had 50 percent of them back,” she said.

She says that for the last several years, they’ve have 100 percent participation – all the envelopes turned back in.

But with a couple of weeks left in the campaign, does her department have them all in? She lacks a few, she says. But she is working on reminders. “We’ll most likely have 100 percent participation.”

Each fall, she will talk with department members about charitable organizations they might be interested in hearing about – and then they invite two or three guest speakers for a brief presentation. One of the speakers this fall was from Bell House, a residence for adults with physical disabilities. Another was from Communities in Schools of Greater Greensboro, which helps children. A representative spoke of a 17 year old in high school who was left homeless by his parents, she explains.

“Usually, there are tears. Disbelief.” There is a lot of need in our community that we don’t see. “We never know….”

She is pleased to be a part of a campaign that does so much good. She’s honored to be the solicitor for HRL. “I find it really humbling.”

By Mike Harris