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Free personal wellness profiles

How healthy are you – and how can you enhance your well-being?

HealthyUNCG offers the free and confidential Personal Wellness Profile (PWP) to all UNCG employees. Employees can earn 50 points for taken the PWP and 100 points for attending a PWP results session, in the Spartan Points program, in which you can earn points for prizes for select healthful activities.

The PWP is a general health assessment that measures your overall health and well-being. And it can help identify existing healthy behaviors and risk factors for disease – plus it provides a lifestyle assessment to help you make lifestyle decisions.

The PWP can be completed in a group session or from your desk using online video instructions.

Dates and full details for PWP sessions can be found on the HealthyUNCG web site. Opportunities to take the PWP will be offered throughout the fall and spring semesters.

Visit the HealthyUNCG web site for more information and sign-up instructions.