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Home-grown leadership capacity

Funding is very tight. Regional or national leadership programs carry a cost. Yet, developing leadership skills on campus is essential. A solution? Create a cost-effective on-campus leadership institute, which will allow participants to work closely with external and internal leaders to address the challenges of 21st century leadership.

Chancellor Linda P. Brady will welcome the first class of 30 UNCG participants in early February 2012.

The eight-month program is designed to provide staff, faculty and administrators with significant opportunities to enhance leadership skills through a series of workshops, a mentorship program and the development of a team-based project for presentation to the Chancellor and Executive Staff.

According to Dr. Edna Chun, associate vice chancellor for HRS, the program is designed to strengthen the organizational capabilities and leadership competencies that are tied to UNCG’s institutional goals and values.

The institute’s mission is to develop and promote a culture of innovation and leadership consistent with the goals of UNCG’s Strategic Plan 2009-14. In essence, the institute will contribute to the creation of an inclusive, collaborative and responsive institution.

The deadline for submission of online applications is Dec. 1, 2011.

The program will be focused on emerging leaders. It will cover important topics in leadership, but also provide participants with the opportunity to engage in action learning through the development of a project to solve an institutional issue or problem with guidance from a coaching mentor. The program will consist of eight all-day and half-day sessions.

The UNCG Leadership Institute will accelerate leadership contributions by:

  • Enhancing leadership capacity at the departmental or university level.
  • Providing state-of-the-art knowledge on leadership practices.
  • Aligning vision, talent and behaviors for unit or team excellence with institutional goals.

The institute is sponsored by Human Resource Services.

Visit http://leadershipinstitute.uncg.edu for the complete program, application criteria and online application form.