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Program Review updates – Late Oct.

The UNCG Academic Program Review Process web site (http://opa.uncg.edu/programreview) has been updated.

The Program Review Timeline and Program Review Process document have been modified to reflect recent changes in SACS regulations regarding program discontinuation, decisions made by Faculty Senate leadership and the chairs of the University Curriculum Committee and the Graduate Studies Committee regarding the role of curriculum committees during the academic program review process, and recommendations from the chairs of the unit academic program review process regarding the timing of the release of their reports to the UNCG community.

That was one of the information updates that those who subscribe to the Academic Program Review listserv received on Oct. 31, 2011. That listserv email further included the following information:

The Program Review Timeline has also been enhanced to include the dates on which the chair of the University Program Review Committee will report to various leadership groups and a placeholder for the provost to meet with the groups providing auxiliary responses to the report of the University Program Review Committee.

Note that these two documents will be revised again in response to any Faculty Senate resolutions accepted by the chancellor.

Under background information, the Reporting Program Discontinuation to GA and SACS document has been modified to be more specific about the GA and SACS reporting requirements. In addition, a document has been uploaded for the first time that lists the programs that are linked to others and how they are linked. By examining these two documents together, it is possible to understand both the consequences of discontinuing a program that is interdependent with another one and the related external reporting requirements.

The web site can be accessed here.