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UNCG says Yes to climate commitment

Universities are in a unique position to lead our society and to be role models in regard to sustainability efforts, Chancellor Linda P. Brady said on Sustainability Day.

To that end, Chancellor Brady led a Sustainability Day signing ceremony for the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment. UNCG becomes the seventh university in the UNC system to sign this document.

The signing made this particular Sustainability Day a very special one – “truly a momentous day for the university,” she said.

The chancellor noted several additional ways UNCG has shown its commitment over the past years. Two were:

  • Establishing Sustainability as a core value in the UNCG Strategic Plan 2009-2014
  • Commitment that all new building projects and major renovations be, at minimum, LEED Silver

She noted that signing the document entails certain action goals for UNCG, including becoming a carbon-neutral campus by 2050. In order to achieve this, it’s important that we take steps now, she explained.

Chancellor Brady announced new initiatives, including:

  • The 2011-12 goal to reduce UNCG energy consumption by five percent. She explained that will save money. “Doing the right thing for the environment will also help us in terms of the economic challenges that we face,” she said.
  • New “standards of comfort” addressing temperature settings for occupied spaces on campus. She suggested that workers who do come in on the weekend may want to do what she does and have an extra sweater on hand, so energy can be conserved.

She said that the ceremony was a tribute to the many students, faculty and staff members who are working to make UNCG sustainable.

She noted the student representatives who signed the document with her. They represent future generations of students as well, she said.

“We are committed for the long-term.”

Concluding the ceremony, the campus’ Committee on Sustainability presented two awards:

  • Champion of Sustainability Award – Ben Kunka, Recycling Operations manager
  • Founders’ Award – Dr. Susan Andreatta, associate professor of anthropology and a leader of UNCG Campus Gardens

By Mike Harris
Photography by Chris English