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Dr. Karl Schleunes

Dr. Karl Schleunes (History, emeritus) was one of six winners of awards presented by the Lakeland College Alumni Association at the college’s homecoming in October. Schleunes was named winner of the Professional Achievement Award as a Holocaust scholar. His wife, Brenda, won the same award this year for her work as producing artistic director of the Touring Theatre of North Carolina. His book “The Twisted Road to Auschwitz: Nazi Policy Toward German Jews, 1933-1939” is regarded as a landmark in the field. First published in 1970, one reviewer called it a “classic study” of the time period. His other books include “Schooling and Society: The Politics of Education in Prussia and Bavaria, 1750-1900” (1989) and “Legislating the Holocaust” (2001). During his visit to Lakeland, Schleunes spoke with Lakeland’s History of the Holocaust course. He discussed anti-Semitism and how this deep rooted hate still exists. Each student shared their semester research topic, and Schleunes provided direction on where each could go with their research and possible sources. He also shared a moving story about visiting Auschwitz with Holocaust survivors.