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Dr. Bradley Bereitschaft

Dr. Bradley Bereitschaft (Geography) is one of eight finalists for the Nystrom Award competition, one of the most prestigious accolades in the field of Geography in the U.S. The eight papers that make the final round of the Nystrom competition each year are believed to represent the eight best dissertations within the field of geography in the country. A 2011 alumnus of the Department of Geography, Bereitschaft currently is a geography instructor. The Nystrom Award, which includes a $1,000 prize, is presented annually following a special session at the Association of American Geographer’s (AAG) annual meeting in February. At that meeting, the eight finalists present a paper based on their doctoral dissertation. Bereitschaft, who completed his doctoral dissertation under the direction of Professor Keith Debbage, is interested in understanding how the urban environment – our cities – impacts the natural environment. In his paper, “Urban form, air quality, and CO2 emissions in large U.S. metropolitan areas,” Bereitschaft examines the degree to which the form of cities – i.e. the spatial distribution of people, buildings, roads and other infrastructure – affects levels of common air pollutants such as ground-level ozone, particulate matter, and the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide.