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Christine Murray, with research specialty on domestic violence, fosters new connections throughout county

Dr. Christine Murray (Counseling and Educational Development), whose research specialty is domestic violence, has taken on an ambitious, acronymous project. Along with her regular teaching responsibilities, she is now director of the Program to Advance Community Responses to Violence Against Women (PACRVAW) at UNCG’s Center for Women’s Health and Wellness (CWHW).

Murray began the strategic planning process in January 2011, notes The CED Connection, talking with numerous people on campus and in the community about their wants and needs.

The mission of the Program to Advance Community Responses to Violence Against Women is to engage in research, educational activities, and community partnerships to advance the community’s capacity to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls.

One PACRVAW initiative that’s already sprouted roots is the Violence Against Women Responders Network (VAWRN) for Guilford County. Its members include law enforcers, social service providers, deans of local universities, congregational nurses, health care workers, and judges. “The most exciting thing for me has been building stronger connections in the community,” Murray said. “There’s real value in getting to know the people who are out there doing the work. That’s the way you build collaborative relationships and grow into the research.”

Clearly, Murray’s brand of research is not limited to the ivory tower. In fact, she believes strongly in combining education, research and service. This integrative approach means she is spinning many plates simultaneously. “Some days I feel like I don’t know which project I’m supposed to be working on in any given moment,” she confessed, “but every bit of it is exciting.”

Full story is in The CED Connection. (The editor is Mary Seymour, who wrote the article).

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