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Independents, African Americans and the election

A public forum will discuss independent voters, African Americans and the 2012 presidential election at 6 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 26, in Sullivan Science Building, Room 200.

Key questions include: Who are America’s independents? Will another “black and independent alliance” form this year as it did in 2008? And which candidates will best advance opening up the political process so that it is less partisan-driven?

Speakers will include Dr. Omar Ali, associate professor and an independent political analyst who has appeared on CNN, NPR, and CBS affiliate WFMY; Donna Moser, co-founder of North Carolina Independents and a longtime progressive voice for electoral reform; and Brittany Rodman, a recent UNCG graduate who majored in political science, minored in African American Studies and was a member of the Black Student Union.

By Dan Nonte