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Getting healthier? How about free health coaching?

Athletes have sports coaches. Some successful people have life coaches. Some professionals have career coaches.

HealthyUNCG offers free health & wellness coaches.

“We’ve had 13 employees complete sessions with one of our Health & Wellness Coaches and asked them to tell us what they thought about the experience and whether it was helpful for them. Twelve people completed the survey. The results are very positive,” said Dr. Michelle Cathorall. She is director of HealthyUNCG.

“Most people seemed to enjoy working with their coach and made progress toward their goals.”

Health and Wellness Coaching is free to UNCG employees who have taken a personal wellness profile (PWP), which is also free.

“Whether you know what changes you want to make or just know that you want to make a change, a health & wellness coach can help you,” she explains.

People started working with a Wellness Coach for a variety of reasons, Cathorall says, including accountability, support, to gain insight into their habits, to get their health back on track, find some new ways to develop healthier lifestyle, or to have some help with weight and fitness goals.

How have those who’ve had this coaching so far at UNCG rate their experience?

  • 92 percent indicated that they had made progress toward their goal working with their Wellness Coach
  • 83 percent felt that their coach was Extremely or Somewhat helpful in helping them make progress
  • 92 percent indicated that they were Extremely Satisfied or Satisfied with the experience working with their Wellness Coach
  • Most people met with their coach once a week (67 percent) or every few weeks (25 percent)
  • Sessions lasted less than 30 minutes to 1 hour, with most lasting 45 minutes (42 percent), Everyone said that their sessions were just the right length.
  • Most people met with their coach in person (92 percent), some met multiple ways, in person, telephone and email.
  • Everyone felt that getting a coach, contacting their coach and scheduling appointments was Extremely Easy or Easy.

If you have questions about Health & Wellness Coaching or simply want more information, email coach@uncg.edu.