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Program Review committee on schedule

Dr. Roy Schwartzman, chair of the University Academic Program Review Committee, spoke at the UNCG Board of Trustees meeting Feb. 16 about the committee’s work.

“We are basically running on schedule,” he told the trustees. He said the committee should be able to make its March deadline.

“You are not going to get a ‘hit list’ from the committee,” he explained.

The committee is providing to the Administration “one piece” to consider.

There will be no resource allocation recommendations from their committee, he said. They are not looking at financial data as part of their work.

In their work, they are focusing on three questions:

  • Does the unit report provide adequate evidence that the program is exceptionally weak or strong in quality?
  • Does the unit report provide adequate evidence that the program is exceptionally weak or strong in functions and demand?
  • Does the University Program Review Committee recommend that the Administration further review the resource commitment to the program based on the evidence in the unit report?

He showed a comparison of UNCG’s academic program review to three others in the UNC system: ECU, NCSU and NCCU. “We are the only institution that had every committee chaired by a faculty member,” he said. The others have not had staff or student representation. Also, the others did not guarantee any Faculty Senate inclusion, he added. He also said that a majority of each of our university’s unit-level committees was faculty.

He anticipated the committee’s outcomes: they would flag programs that merit additional review and they would call the provost’s attention to programs that stand out in quality or function/demand.

Earlier, Provost David H. Perrin’s presentation had provided a review and timeline of the process and a review of several resolutions in recent months at Faculty Senate meetings.

The presentations by the provost and by Schwartzman (whose presentation begins on Slide 12) may be seen here.

By Mike Harris