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‘Do something bigger altogether’

Why do we do what we do here at UNCG? How is UNCG different?

Chancellor Linda P. Brady cited those two questions as being among those the Integrated Marketing and Strategic Communication committee had conducted lots of research and focus groups on – working to reveal an essential identity.

This authentic identity will help us share our story in a unified voice, to help build deeper connections with those viewing our marketing and our communications.

About 250-300 filled Virgina Dare Room on March 15 to see the first materials and creative that are the results of the committee’s work.

Students come to UNCG to do something bigger altogether. Our students, while here, do something bigger altogether. Our alumni go on to do bigger things altogether. As a university, we do this.

We have challenging academic programs, a supportive environment that fosters academic growth and a clear path to goals, and an engaged community with connections and collaborations on and off campus. Armed with these attributes, UNCG and its students, faculty, staff and alumni do something bigger altogether.

Dr. Celia Hooper and Helen Hebert are the committee’s co-chairs. A former co-chair, Dr. Joy Bhadury, was on hand as well for the launch, as were honorary co-chairs Dr. Patricia Stewart and Provost David H. Perrin. Facilitator Mike Fox was recognized as well.

Hooper and the chancellor each cited the many focus group discussions, composed of various UNCG constituencies, conducted by the committee. That committee was composed of individuals from various parts of the university.

With a variety of creative materials ranging from bookmarks and posters to T-shirts on display at the launch, Hooper said, “This is the result of a lot of evidence.”

Hebert noted that there has been a perception gap between what in fact UNCG is and does – and what people think of UNCG. Over time, as UNCG individuals utilize the marketing and communication strategy, “it can change the perception of UNCG in the community,” she said.

Those who create marketing and communications for departments and programs are attending workshops this week to learn more.

Find more information at the resource site brandguide.uncg.edu.

By Mike Harris
Photography by Chris English