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Dining Hall construction work to resume

The Early Site Package is complete and beginning Monday, April 2, construction work will resume on the Dining Hall Renovation and Addition project.

The Early Site Package relocated existing utilities out of the way of the new addition, constructed a new 60-inch storm water piping system around the existing building, and included some foundation work outside of the existing building.

Phase 1 will involve immediately closing the west entrance (fountain side) so the contractor can install temporary walls and the deep foundations for the new addition. The other two entrances, from North Drive and from College Avenue, will remain open. Both are handicap accessible.

When Phase 1 is completed in November 2012, the new addition will open with additional dining area and balconies on the upper level, as well as space for the relocated Taco Bell and Spartan Market (C-Store) on the entrance level.

A separate project to refurbish the fountain plaza is expected to be completed shortly thereafter, while the Dining Hall project continues with Phase 2 renovation work.

For periodic updates, see the Facilities Design and Construction web site at http://www.uncg.edu/fpl/alerts.html

Visual: Rendering shows renovated dining hall from the southwest.
Visual on Campus Weekly main page depicts entrance near Fountain from a different angle.