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As Elaine Ayers and Brenda Adams take their bows at Purchasing, ‘end of an era’

Brenda Adams started at UNCG December 1982. Elaine Ayers started March 1983. They are both retiring at the end of this week. Purchasing will be losing a combined six decades of service.

Last Friday, Adams showed a scrapbook she has kept, of departmental happenings: Snapshots of departmental Hallowe’en costumes, a Purchasing tradition. Various retirement reception invitations. Old Campus Weekly clippings….

Earlier this week, she and Ayers were feted by the department.

“I look for new balance in my life,” Adams says, and speaks about gratitude for the roads she’s traveled. She will help care for various family members.

Adams’ focus in Purchasing has been furniture. She speaks with pride, for example, about the gray laminate furniture selected years ago for the Weatherspoon – “one of my first big furniture purchases.” Her largest purchase was outfitting the new School of Education Building. Her final big purchase has been for the renovated Quad.

She notes that students said that instead of a wooden chair, they wanted a task chair that rolled. So that’s what the Quad rooms will have. “We think of our students first,” she said.

Ayers’ focus has been technology, including computers, printing and scientific equipment. She works to ensure the principal investigators have what they need for their research, she explains.

She helped with getting the microscopes and equipment at Sullivan Science and JSNN. “Some of it’s bleeding edge,” she says, “beyond cutting edge.”

It’s been a cool job, she adds. “We’ve been blessed.”

What now? “It’s exciting and scary – an end of an era.” Ayers says she has dirt that needs to be dug and grandkids that need to be hugged. And then there are her poodles….

Purchasing has been a family, Ayers says. “It’s not just the job.”

Adams sums it up: “I’m thankful for the friends I have – they’re no longer co-workers.”

Visual from Adams’ scrapbook: Elaine Ayers and Brenda Adams (l-r) c.1985-6, soon after Purchasing moved into the house on Highland Ave. Between them are stacks of purchase orders.