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SERVE Center study shows value of hands-on learning

A large-scale study of AMSTI – the Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative, Alabama’s homegrown math and science program – by UNCG’s SERVE Center confirms the value of hands-on, inquiry-based learning.

The multi-year study, done under a U.S. Department of Education contract, involved approximately 30,000 students and 780 teachers in 82 Alabama schools. The final data analysis shows that students in AMSTI schools got the equivalent of 28 extra days of schooling in math after one year, and 50 extra days after two years.

Also significant is that, while AMSTI does not explicitly teach reading skills, AMSTI students saw reading gains after one year equivalent to 40 extra days of schooling.

Full story at UNCG News.

By Michelle Hines
Access the full report at http://www.serve.org/.