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Campus Weekly is published each Wednesday when classes are in session. In the summer, it is published biweekly.

New BOG members visit UNCG

On April 11, the new members of the UNC Board of Governors visited UNCG, meeting with students and members of the administration, faculty and staff.

Chancellor Linda P. Brady welcomed the board members to campus and told them of our university. Jorge Quintal and Mike Byers as well as students gave them a tour of campus. Dr. Nadja Cech and her students made a presentation on how student research and faculty research enhance learning and impact economic development. Dean Jerry Pubantz spoke about Lloyd International Honors College, and students in Dr. Ali Schultheis Moore’s human rights class linked up via live videoconference with students in Beirut, Lebanon, to demonstrate the technology used in the World Classroom in North Spencer. Kristen Christman and several UNCG Guarantee students told them of the UNCG Guarantee program. A number of students throughout the morning spoke with the board members as well.

“UNCG was delighted to host President Ross as well as several new members of the UNC Board of Governors,” the chancellor said. “Their leadership and support is critical to ensuring we maintain our reputation for academic quality and fulfill our commitment to student success. I am thankful to the students, faculty and staff who participated in Wednesday’s visit. They are shining examples of our commitment to do something bigger altogether.”

Visual: UNC Board of Governors members Ed McMahan, David Powers and Dick Taylor (r-l)