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Leigh Tysor Olsen tells tale of The Swing, a longtime UNCG landmark

Leigh Tysor Olsen works in McIver Building for UNC General Administration. The College Foundation of North Carolina’s (CFNC.org) toll-free call center is housed in McIver. “I oversee that, as well as providing professional development across the state,” she says. She is assistant director of professional development – and she has strong Spartan ties. Olsen’s a “double alumna,” earning her bachelor’s in English in 1988 and her MEd in higher education in 1995. From 1988 until 1997 she was a UNCG staff member, and her first “real job” after graduation was in Alumni Affairs, she tells CW.

She isn’t the only staff member with memories of The Swing when it was in a different location. But she has the best story we’ve heard so far….

“I have very fond memories of The Swing. I was an undergraduate here in the mid ’80s, and many hours were spent there.

When I was in school, the swing was actually located right behind the Faculty Center – I suppose it had to be relocated when EUC was renovated.

Late one night in 1986, I met one of my sorority sisters out there, as part of my ‘initiation’ process. We started swinging, and she asked me to sing one of the old sorority songs.

Being a bit of a rebel and a comic and raised in a musical family who had me performing on stage at the ripe old age of 3, I obliged and belted out one for her. I guess the combination of the swinging and the love of singing had me a bit excited, so I asked if she ‘wanted to hear another one.’ With a little hesitation in her voice, she approved. So I sang another one and continued to swing higher. After the FOURTH offer to sing another song, she told me I could go.

I work in McIver now, and every day on my way home, I look longingly at those two seats and fight the urge to sit … and sing.”