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Birdcage flies the coop

On Thursday, April 19, the “birdcage” – the white metal lattice-like structure on the Dining Hall entrance near the Fountain – was removed.

It lay in one piece on the ground, as workers on the roof removed angled panels that allowed light down into the dining hall foyer.

The metal will be placed into a large Dumpster and transported to a metal recycling facility.

The white “birdcage” marking the west entryway was installed in 1985.

The exterior of the western side of the Dining Hall is being enhanced, as the dining hall interior is being reconfigured. The renovated Dining Hall will be more student-centered and customer-friendly. The project will be paid for over time by a portion of the students’ meal plan fees.

The new Dining Hall addition is scheduled to open in November 2012, says Douglas Cato, at the end of Phase 1 of the renovation project.

The dining hall maintains the same dining schedule it would have in any other year. Only the west entrance is closed.

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By Mike Harris