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APR recommendations will go to BOG

The chancellor has made her decisions.

After 18 months of academic program review at UNCG, in a process involving more than a hundred individuals, recommendations were presented at the final UNCG Board of Trustees meeting of the academic year.

The recommendations now will go to the UNC Board of Governors.

In an announcement to the campus community, Chancellor Linda P. Brady said that the purpose of the review has been to position our university to be as strong academically as possible while maintaining a sound and balanced educational program that is consistent with our mission, strategic plan and functions and responsibilities as an institution of higher education in the State of North Carolina.

In her report, 47 programs are identified as exceptionally strong in quality and/or function/demand to be considered for future investment. 17 programs are identified as having challenges in quality and/or function/demand with recommendations for interventions to strengthen. 41 programs are recommended for discontinuation based largely on recommendations of academic units.

As Provost David H. Perrin spoke about the chancellor’s report, he told the trustees there are several high-priority programs that were not reviewed as part of this process because there is not enough data yet. Examples are the bachelor’s in entrepreneurship and graduate programs in nanoscience. (See presentation to the trustees here.)

One difference between the chancellor’s report and the earlier recommendations from the provost is the chancellor’s report has three additional programs in the “exceptionally strong in function or demand” category: one in Dance and two in Acting. Another difference is that BS-Community Youth Sport Development is not on the Discontinuation list, but is instead listed as “identified as having challenges with Quality and/or Function/Demand, or have been identified for further study.”

“Thanks to the many faculty, staff, students and administrators who invested their valuable time, effort and good judgment throughout this process, UNCG is well positioned to become a stronger, more selective and more focused university,” the chancellor said in her message to the campus community.

At the Academic Program Review web site you may find the chancellor’s report and recommendations to the Board of Governors, as well as a list of FAQs about the process.

By Mike Harris