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Staff Stars come out to shine

Surprise, surprise. “Welcome … Congratulations! You’re a Staff Star!”

As the Staff Senate’s Melanie Hoover and Josette Rubino-Tucker welcomed the Spring 2012 honorees into the Virginia Dare Room, some were very surprised. A ceremony awaited inside; they would be feted.

Chancellor Linda P. Brady offered remarks, before presenting a certificate and speaking about each Staff Star.

She called the Staff Stars presentation “a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all that our staff do.”

She hears from prospective students and families how helpful people are here at UNCG…how beautiful our campus is…how great our facilities look. So much is done by so many, throughout campus, to accomplish this standard.

She told the honorees, “You symbolize the incredible work our staff do every day.”

The honorees:
Ada Baldwin
Derrick Beasley
Mark Brown
Mitzi Burchinal
Amy Cook
Mary Early
Erick Gardner
Rob Gorrell
Teddy Hyatt
Maggie Jones
Judy Lillis
Carol Lindsey-Potter
Guy McGayhey
Lisa McGuire
Debbie Nelson
Shawn O’Neil
Robert Owens
Ann Perdue
Zach Ratcliffe
Meggan Reagan
Matthew Strupp
John Tinnin

Each received a certificate, in a special blue and gold folder that read “You make a difference.”

The chancellor spoke about each honoree and what had earned them the honor.

Afterward, as the honorees had their picture made with the chancellor, Josette Rubino-Tucker was asked how many were completely surprised when they arrived. More than two-thirds, she thought.

Betty Betts and Cynthia Louis explained they’d asked the supervisors to keep it hush-hush – so it’d be a welcome surprise.

By Mike Harris
Photographs by David Wilson: On this page, honorees with the chancellor. On main CW page, visual of the chancellor greeting the first honoree, Ada Baldwin.