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Campus Weekly is published each Wednesday when classes are in session. In the summer, it is published biweekly.

Thanks for reading CW

Thanks for reading Campus Weekly this year.

An efficient CW redesign was launched last August, in response to what our readers liked and disliked according the Winter 2010/11 CW survey. The number of individuals looking at CW has risen greatly over the past year – from an average each issue of 1,260 in spring 2011 to 2,389 in spring 2012, according to Google Analytics.

Also, thanks to the many news contributors throughout campus who supplement the stories and photography that are created in University Relations.

If you or your department has news and you haven’t let us know about it, send us a few lines about it. We want to include news from throughout campus.

And feel free to link to any story you see in Campus Weekly – whether through Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. The box at the bottom of every CW story makes it easy to help share news.

Those looking for additional news? The UNCG News site, which was redesigned earlier this academic year and provides a few stories for CW each week, is another great source – as are a variety of UNCG social media sites.