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2011-12 special moments, for you?

What are your favorite moments from the past year? Maybe they weren’t big moments – perhaps they were “small moments” that take on a big significance? A lot of great moments were a part of CW stories this year – but here are a few that never made into print … till now:

  • Mark Smith-Soto being asked to read a poem in Spanish, at the end-of-year reception for the Campus Conversations Inclusive Excellence series. I didn’t understand the words – but it was beautiful. The room was so quiet. “It’s a love poem,” he said when he concluded. Languages, Literatures and Cultures Department Chair Amy Williamsen later told me the love poem was by a 17th century nun.
  • Anna Marshall-Baker, just before Chancellor Brady and students took part in a signing ceremony in Alumni House, talking about the history of the sustainability initiative on campus – with many key people in that initiative gathered that day in the audience.
  • Passing by the EUC Auditorium and seeing winter jackets, scarves, etc. being folded and prepared by Betty Betts. Turned out, it was the morning that anyone on campus who needed a winter coat or warm apparel could get one, Betty told me – the items had been collected on campus as part of a Staff Senate project.
  • The tour of the just-opened JSNN Building, with faculty members giving informal talks in their labs.
  • At the year’s final Board of Trustees meeting, John Salmon playing one song he’d performed during several concerts in a small UNCG delegation’s trip to Chinese universities this spring. And his telling how the audiences there enjoyed the jazz and blues they performed. Breathtaking performance on piano, in the midst of a Trustees meeting.
  • Hepsie Roskelly and Fred Chappell joining with Daphne Athas to speak about the late Reynolds Price, at Triad Stage. A great evening of stories, memories and perspectives.
  • Then-Media Relations Director Cris Belvin telling radio listeners that no TV news crews were there at the dramatic end of the UNCG at Citadel men’s basketball game. The Spartans had just won on an improbable last-second alley-oop dunk. I sat in my living room taking notes, with my wife and oldest son listening as well. Days later, video of the play emerged on YouTube – and an additional, grainier clip did too. But at that moment, it seemed like an ending that no one would believe.
  • The large number of students clearing ivy and invasive weeds from Peabody Park that late afternoon in April…. Tossing a tennis ball on spring nights with my sons at the baseball stadium, far down the concourse, while we watched the game…. That December “open house” for UNCG Middle College, with all the 9th graders giving poster presentations about what type of health care profession they wanted to pursue…

OK, I’ve told some of my UNCG highlights for the past academic year, ones that had not been in print. We all have unique experiences – what are some of yours? Create a short list and send it to CW. We may use some in a future CW.

By Mike Harris