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Dr. Catherine Matthews

Dr. Catherine Matthews (Education) received continuation of funding from the National Science Foundation for the project Full-Scale Development Project: Herpetology Education in Rural Places and Spaces (HERPS). This project galvanizes stake-holders’ passion for connecting rural citizens to precious remaining wild areas, relatively undisturbed watersheds, and fascinating herpetological biodiversity in their own backyards. HERPS engages diverse participants in herpetology and conservation education along a trajectory, from highly accessible experiences for newcomers to increasingly intensive experiences for budding experts and enthusiasts, the abstract notes. “Our primary program goal is to enhance science learning, specifically herpetology, by providing informal science experiences designed to trigger and sustain participants’ interest in reptiles and amphibians, interest in science, and sense of place and connection to their local environment as they interact with field ecologists and other amphibian and reptile enthusiasts.”