UNCG Campus Weekly

Campus Weekly is published each Wednesday when classes are in session. In the summer, it is published biweekly.

With the Staff: July 2012

Hello: Crystal Garcia, Student Health Services; Kenton Summers, HDFS; Tyler Ammons, Athletics; Doris Mosley, Student Health Services; Steven Lane, Utility Operations; Krycya Flores-Rojas, CNNC; Darrell Trogden, Facility Operations; Ernest Brooks, HRL; Robert Sutcliffe, Utility Operations; Gina Ingraham, Financial Aid

Good-bye: Nina Hooper, HRL; Willie Thomas, Housekeeping; Rebecca Brooks, Nursing; Margaret Whedon, HDFS; Kelli Hand; Financial Aid; Pamela Phillips, HDFS; Denetra Rook, Bryan School; Bobby Wyrick, Facilities Operations; Garrett Bridges, SERVE