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2012 Fulbright Summer Institute at UNCG

Twenty-five students from universities of applied sciences throughout Germany are on our campus for the 2012 Fulbright Summer Institute, from July 26 through August 28. The program is hosted at UNCG by the International Programs Center.

Last week, the students traveled to Orlando, Florida, to meet with and learn from Walt Disney leaders. Earlier outings have included the Nussbaum Center for Entrepreneurship, Burt’s Bees, Inc. and the JSNN. They even got a look at how a presidential campaign event comes together.

This year’s theme for the institute is “Entrepreneurship.”

Joseph Erba (Bryan School) is using a simulation program during his two weeks of entrepreneur coursework with the Fulbright students. The “BizCafe” program and software allows them to simulate running a coffee shop – with the challenges and unforeseen circumstances that being an entrepreneur can entail.

“Thanks to our simulation sponsor, Interpretive Simulations of Virginia, even those students not focused on a business curriculum as their field of study, are gaining great experience in the language of business as well as finding their “internal entrepreneur,” Erba notes.

“Although the primary purpose of the summer institute is to introduce the Fulbrighters to life as an undergraduate at a U.S. institution, this year’s program has allowed us to highlight one of UNCG’s distinctive majors, Entrepreneurship,” Dr. Penelope Pyne added. With a cross-disciplinary approach, students are learning how to apply principles of entrepreneurship to a variety of majors at home.

Photograph by Chris English, of several Fulbright students on Aug. 1.