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Dr. Jay Poole

Dr. Jay Poole (Social Work) received funding from North Carolina A&T State University for the project “Supporting Thriving Families: Addressing Mental Health Needs in the Oakwood Forest Community.” NC A&T, in partnership with UNCG proposes to establish culturally-appropriate mental health services in Greensboro’s Oakwood Forest community, where 80 percent of the residents are persons of Mexican descent with limited or no English-language ability, and virtually all of them fall under 200 percent of the federal poverty level, the abstract states. “The specific objectives of the proposed project are to: co-locate a social work practice for mental health services in Oakwood Forest as an integral and sustainable community-based mental health care provider, empower resident groups such as the Thriving Families organization as critical partners in promoting capacity-building for mental and emotional wellness within the community, and engage in significant project evaluation activities utilizing our expertise and resources as a university-based endeavor.” A key partner in this project is the Center for New North Carolinians.