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Archives for August 2012

Dr. Susan Keane

Dr. Susan Keane (Psychology) has received a continuation of funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration for the project “Collaborative Care: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Graduate Psychology Training.”

Dr. Belinda Hardin

Dr. Belinda Hardin (Specialized Education Services) received continuation of funding from the US Department of Education for the project Early Childhood Leadership, Education, Advocacy, Diversity & Scholarship (EC LEADS). The purpose of the proposed project, the abstract notes, is “to prepare six qualified candidates to assume leadership positions to effectively teach others to implement programs and interventions that improve the academic or functional outcomes and address the specialized needs of high-need young children with disabilities birth through five years of age.”

Dr. Catherine Matthews

Dr. Catherine Matthews (Education) received continuation of funding from the National Science Foundation for the project Full-Scale Development Project: Herpetology Education in Rural Places and Spaces (HERPS). This project galvanizes stake-holders’ passion for connecting rural citizens to precious remaining wild areas, relatively undisturbed watersheds, and fascinating herpetological biodiversity in their own backyards. HERPS engages diverse participants in herpetology and conservation education along a trajectory, from highly accessible experiences for newcomers to increasingly intensive experiences for budding experts and enthusiasts, the abstract notes. “Our primary program goal is to enhance science learning, specifically herpetology, by providing informal science experiences designed to trigger and sustain participants’ interest in reptiles and amphibians, interest in science, and sense of place and connection to their local environment as they interact with field ecologists and other amphibian and reptile enthusiasts.”

Dr. Cherry Callahan

Dr. Cherry Callahan (Student Affairs) co-authored an article that appeared in the Summer 2012 Leadership Exchange Magazine. The article is titled “Creating Environments Conducive to Change.” This article came out of a think tank of senior Student Affairs officers at the annual convention of NASPA, the Student Affairs professional association. She has served as president of NASPA and currently serves as chair of the NASPA Foundation Board.

Dr. Jennifer Etnier

Dr. Jennifer Etnier (Kinesiology) received a grant award from the National Institutes of Health for the project “The Effect of Physical Activity on Cognition Relative to APOE Genotype.”

Dr. Christopher Kepley

Dr. Christopher Kepley (JSNN) received funding from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center for the project “Identification and validation of novel therapies for the inhibition of atherosclerotic plaque lesions.” Atherosclerosis is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting arterial blood vessels. Treatment of the disease is extremely expensive and contributes to the rising cost of healthcare within the US,” the abstract notes. “The goal of this proposal is to test a battery of variously derivatized fullerenes for their ability to dually inhibit foam cell formation and prevent and/or reverse atherosclerotic plaque lesions in vivo.”

Dr. Zhanxiang Zhou

Dr. Zhanxiang Zhou (Nutrition / Center for Translational Biomedical Research) received continuation of funding from the National Institutes of Health for the project “Adipose Tissue Lipolysis and Alcoholic Fatty Liver.” Lipid accumulation is one of the most fundamental cellular disorders in alcoholic liver disease, and reduction of liver fat would likely halt or slow the progression of alcoholic liver disease, according to the abstract. “Our overall hypothesis is that reverse fatty acid transport due to excess lipolysis of the adipose tissue plays a crucial role in pathogenesis of alcoholic fatty liver.” The researchers propose four aims to test this hypothesis.