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Energy goal met; new goal set

A message from Chancellor Brady regarding last year’s energy goal – and the new one for this year:

On Campus Sustainability Day, October 26, 2011, I established an energy conservation goal of 5% for fiscal year 2011-12. I am excited to report that UNCG was able to achieve that goal, resulting in the university avoiding over $300,000 in energy costs.

The decrease can be attributed to various energy conservation efforts, including the new Standards of Comfort policy, the Spartan Sparks conservation program, increased participation in the Green Office Certification program, and technological improvements such as lighting retrofits and occupancy-based controls in some residence halls and academic buildings. Weather conditions also aided our cause, particularly the mild winter.

In light of our success in 2011-12, as well as the electrical rate increase that occurred in February 2012, I have established a new energy reduction goal of 3% for this fiscal year to reduce costs and decrease the carbon footprint of the university. This goal is even more challenging, as we will not only have to reduce our consumption further but also maintain the gains we made last year. Further, should FY 2012-13 have more demanding weather, maintaining and improving on our successes in FY 2011-12 will be difficult. Adding to the challenge is the opening of the seven newly renovated Quad Buildings, which were not air conditioned prior to the renovation.

To achieve this new energy reduction target, I encourage everyone in the university community to commit to energy conservation. Be mindful of UNCG’s resource consumption and what it costs annually – UNCG spent over $6.5 million on energy last year alone! If you need tips or ideas for ways you can help, check out the UNCG Sustainability Office web site: http://www.uncg.edu/fac/sustainability/. Complying with UNCG’s Standards of Comfort policy (http://facoperations.uncg.edu/UNCG_Standards_of_Comfort.pdf) will also save energy.

With continued attention to using our resources more efficiently and the expansion of our successful energy reduction programs, UNCG will continue to move forward toward our long-term target of carbon neutrality.