UNCG Campus Weekly

Campus Weekly is published each Wednesday when classes are in session. In the summer, it is published biweekly.

Late September update on Traffic/Parking

Fencing around the perimeter of the pedestrian underpass project is being installed. Once the fencing is in place, it will then be necessary to close the intersection of Oakland Avenue and Forest Street in order to proceed with construction. It is anticipated that the intersection will remain closed for 6-9 months. During this time, it will be necessary to re-route campus fleet buses — Park & Ride as well as Spartan Chariot.

Beginning Monday, Oct 1 — the bus shelter on Forest Street near McNutt and MHRA will no longer be utilized as a bus stop. Also, the bus shelter near Financial Aid will no longer be a Park & Ride stop.

During construction, Park & Ride buses will make only two stops on campus:

  1. Spring Garden Street across from the School of Education at the new bus pull in; and
  2. Spring Garden Street in front of Graham.

The Spartan Chariot weekday route will not be impacted; service will continue without change. However, the evening safety shuttle route will no longer stop on Forest Street. All other evening and weekend stops will continue to be serviced as scheduled.

Access into the north section of lot 4 near Campus Supply will be from Forest Street only. However, the Forest Street entry to the south section of lot 4 will not be accessible. Access into the south section of parking lot 4 near campus supply will be from Oakland Avenue only.

At this time, Oakland Deck will continue to be accessible via Forest Street and Kenilworth Street. If/when the Forest Street entry/exit gates need to be closed, notification will be provided in advance for planning purposes.