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Forever in blue jeans, at Bryan School

Money talks, as the pop song says. And when blue jeans designed by UNCG CARS student Song Anh Nguyen – winner of the national VF/Wrangler “Next Blue” competition last spring – were offered for sale online, a number of the Bryan School staff and faculty placed their order in a show of support. ‘Turns out they love the jeans, too.

When Song, who graduated in May, paid a return visit Sept. 14 to the Bryan Building, some of them showed off their “Next Blue” jeans.

Pam Cash, assistant dean at the Bryan School, explained it. “Being able to wear a pair of jeans designed by one of our students is just another way to celebrate student achievement and success.”

Carol Phillips, executive assistant, has purchased two pairs in different lengths so she can wear them with either flats or high heels or boots. “The added benefit is that we are supporting the professional ambitions of one of our own Bryan School students,” she said.

Mary Ellen Boelhower, director of development, Bryan School, ordered a pair too. “They’re very comfortable and forgiving, and dress up very nicely.” Aprille Black, instructional technology consultant, and Jeri Miller, business officer, both spoke of loving their jeans.

Pam Sparks, university program associate, Bryan School, said she enjoys wearing her jeans for a couple of reasons. “One is because they are very comfortable and another reason is it gives me the opportunity to tell others that one of our CARS students designed them. We are very proud of Song and wish her continued success in her future endeavors.”

Step inside the CARS office, and you’ll find find more student support – and denim. Administrative support associate Lisa McHenry placed her order. So did faculty member Dr. Byoungho Jin. And Ann Ramsey, one of Song’s professors.

Another of her professors, Melanie Carrico, spoke of the jeans: “I really enjoy them. I like the fit and the styling.” At the same time, she spoke of how creative and dedicated her former student is.

Blue jeans can fade, and no fabric lasts forever. But when the care and support of faculty and staff is constant, that’s something that’s always in style.

Read earlier story about Song winning the VF/Wrangler competition – and her winning design being sold online: https://uc.uncg.edu/prod/inspirechange/2012/06/26/moving-beyond-a-material-world

Visual: Five of the individuals who sported their Song-designed jeans that Friday: l-r, Mary Ellen Boelhower, Jeri Miller, Carol Phillips, Pam Sparks and Pam Cash.