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Fountain will be operational, Dining Hall Phase 1 complete in December

You may have noticed the great progress on the west side of the Dining Hall.

When should the fencing around the Fountain come down? The estimated completion date for Fountain repairs is late November, according to UNCG Facilities Design and Construction. The fountain should be operational – and the fence around it removed – in early December.

The estimated completion date for the First Phase (involving the west side dining hall space) of the renovation project is early December. Facilities Design and Construction reports that site utilities, mechanical and electrical rough-ins, repairs to the Fountain steps, work on the west side glass wall, new elevator installation, the new Taco Bell up-fit, roofing and interior painting are all currently underway at the Dining Hall.

The estimated completion date for all phases of the Dining Hall project is Spring 2014.

The Dining Hall remains open.