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With Google Translate, UNCG web pages appear in many languages

Diversity and inclusive excellence are important to UNCG.

UNCG’s university-wide use of Google Translate, which launched in early September, makes UNCG’s web pages easily translatable into many languages.

Its implementation grew out of the work of the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Chancellor Linda P. Brady, agreeing with the committee’s assessment, requested the translation link be activated. Through the work of Information Technology Services in collaboration with University Relations, the translation link is now a reality. There was no fee to add Google Translate to the web site.

Rod Wyatt, director of human relations and chair of the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, explains that UNCG has a robust, diverse population of students. Having Google Translate should enhance UNCG’s ability to attract, retain, serve and build upon our diverse group of students, faculty and staff, he added.

It will not only help current members of the campus community. The translation link will also help with recruiting prospective students – from all parts of the world – as well as prospective faculty members from diverse backgrounds. “Everyone likes to access information in a format in which they can easily relate,” he says. In an effort to be inclusive and meet the needs of current and potential students, faculty and staff for whom English is their second language, this link will help by providing a clearer understanding of our processes and what UNCG has to offer.

Wyatt notes North Carolina’s growing Hispanic population – and UNCG’s need to serve all of the citizens in our state. He explains that in many cases the prospective student may speak English, while their parents may not. Google Translate will help all members of the family understand what UNCG offers.

To use Google Translate, see the icon at the bottom right of a UNCG web page such as the main page or the Prospective Students page. Click “Choose language” to select the language you desire.

Questions? Contact Rod Wyatt at jrwyatt@uncg.edu.