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Five finalists at November’s QEP forum

Where does the SACS Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) process stand?

After considering many idea proposals submitted by Nov. 1, the Steering Committee earlier this month identified a preliminary “short list” of five. Presented at the Nov. 14 faculty forum was “the short list as it stands,” said John Sopper, co-director of the UNCG QEP process. Additional feedback was being sought at the forum.

One or two of these proposals could possibly be merged, said Dr. Vidyaranya Gargeya, co-director.

The short list finalists that were presented at the forum:

  1. Community engagement
  2. Communication enriched curriculum program
  3. Global engagement
  4. Informed and engaged citizenship
  5. Interdisciplinary problem solving for the 21st century

As each proposal was presented, questions and comments were expressed. “I am taking notes,” Gargeya said more than once.

Next steps, between the forum and mid-December:

  1. The Steering Committee meets Nov. 19 to discuss forum feedback. It is possible the committee may combine proposals or refine them at this point so that the number of proposals will be fewer than five.
  2. On Dec. 3 a meeting is planned between the Steering Committee and the five proposal teams on the short list
  3. Consult with primary units impacted by what’s on the short list
  4. Consult with SACS team about the short list.
  5. On Dec. 5, seek Faculty Senate endorsement for the short list.
  6. Mid-December: Finalize and publish (on the QEP web site) the short list of proposals and invite the proposers to develop their ideas further.

Details are at the QEP web site, uncgqep.uncg.edu

Visual: a word cloud generated from all the initial proposed topics