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Archives for November 2012

Dr. Donna Nash

Dr. Donna Nash (Anthropology) was a special consultant for a major art exhibit titled “Wari: Lords of the Ancient Andes,” which opened Sunday at the Cleveland Museum of Art. The exhibit, the first in North America devoted to the Wari, who reigned in Peru from about 600 to 1000 AD, long before the Incas, was featured in the Wall Street Journal. The article mentioned Nash’s archaeological work at a massive Wari brewery discovered at Cerro Baul, which is described in the exhibition and its catalog.

Dr. Dale Schunk

Dr. Dale Schunk (School of Education) was featured in Educational Psychology Review as one of the four most productive educational psychologists in the nation. The article, “Conversations with Four Highly Productive Educational Psychologists,” highlights the characteristics, influences, mentoring practices and work habits of Schunk and Patricia Alexander, Richard Mayer and Barry Zimmerman. Schunk, a former dean of the School of Education, and the others were nominated after a survey of members of the American Psychological Association. Final selections were made on the basis of contributions, visibility and influence.

Dr. Bonnie Canziani

Dr. Bonnie Canziani (Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality and Tourism) has received a financial award from the Raffaldini Vineyards and Winery for the development of a comprehensive restaurant business plan for the vineyards and winery.

Dr. Guy Capuzzo

Dr. Guy Capuzzo (Music Studies) has a new book. “Elliott Carter’s ‘What Next?’: Communication, Cooperation, and Separation” was published by the University of Rochester Press, as part of their Eastman Studies in Music series. More information on the book appears here: http://www.urpress.com/store/viewItem.asp?idProduct=13961

Dr. Elizabeth Perrill

Dr. Elizabeth Perrill (Art History) discussed the political climate and atrocities that occurred in South Africa during the anti-apartheid movement last weekend at the Greensboro International Civil Rights Center & Museum. The talk focused on South African artists’ responses to the Apartheid regime and its aftermath.

Dr. Arthur D. Anastopoulos

Dr. Arthur D. Anastopoulos (Psychology) and his collaborator Dr. Allison Ashley-Koch (Duke University) recently presented findings from their NINDS-funded North Carolina Genetics of AD/HD Project at the World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics held in Hamburg, Germany. The topic of their presentation was “AD/HD Subtyping and Genetic Influences on the Occurrence of Comorbid Conditions.”