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Health & wellness coaching and weight loss

HealthyUNCG, the university employee health promotion program, would like to invite you to participate in a research study designed to examine the effectiveness of health and wellness coaching on weight loss. All UNCG employees are eligible to participate.

HealthyUNCG is offering the Taking Pounds OFF Sensibly (TOPS) program. This research study will combine weight management strategies from the nationally recognized TOPS program with individual or small group health and wellness coaching sessions. Each week all participants will attend a 1 hour session.

Registration in the national TOPS program is required, $29.50/year.

Participants will not receive compensation or reimbursement for joining TOPS or for participating in the study. Participants will receive TOPS program materials as part of their registration fee and health & wellness coaching services for free.

All information is confidential and only group data will be used for the study. You may participate in the TOPS program even if you do not participate in the research study.

Attend the information and sign-up session on Thursday, Jan. 24, noon in the Dogwood Room of EUC

For further information about the study, TOPS – and to register for an information session – visit http://healthy.uncg.edu

You may contact Michelle Cathorall, the director of HealthyUNCG and PI of the study,with any questions. She can be reached at healthy_uncg@uncg.edu or by phone at 334-9743.