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Join a faculty/staff learning community

This semester, groups of trans-disciplinary faculty, graduate students and professional staff will gather to engage in conversations on a wide variety of topics.

For these faculty and staff “learning communities,” the FTLC partners with the Office of Leadership and Service-Learning, the Office of Learning Communities and the associate dean of Undergraduate Studies.

Spring 2013 groups and facilitators are:
ABCs of Teaching, Patrick Lee Lucas
College STAR, Amy Harris Houk + Patrick Lee Lucas
Digital Pedagogies, Roy Schwartzman
Experiential Education, Marin Burton + Jessica McCall
Future Faculty, Sarah Daynes + Sheryl Lieb
Health and Wellness, Michelle Cathorall + Rob Owens
Online Learning, Wade Maki + Michelle Solér
Service Learning, Kristin Moretto
Understanding Student Learning Communities, Tommy Lambeth + Laura Pipe
Unpacking Student Success, John Sopper + Brandi Probst

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