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Book chosen for First Year Summer Read

This year, the process for choosing the “summer read” book for freshmen was more developed than ever before.

A 22 member book selection committee of students, faculty and staff solicited suggestions. There were nearly 40 suggestions, though some did not meet the criteria. (For example, the book has to be available in paperback, it can’t be longer than 400 pages, etc.)

Twenty suggestions met the criteria. This number was whittled down to six finalists, then three.

The committee divided itself into three groups, with each taking a book, assessing the book’s fit for the first-year read by use of a rubric, and making a presentation to the full group. A “winner” was selected:

“The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by Rebecca Scloot.

Various campus programs will have their students participate in the FYSR, including Lloyd International Honors College, FFL, and some learning communities. All told, every incoming freshman will receive a book at SOAR, if not through one of these programs, then through either Housing & Residence Life or Commuter Student Programs, says Dr. Kim Sousa-Peoples, director of New Student & Spartan Family Programs.

Soon, the programming team will meet to begin planning for the curricular and co-curricular programming that will surround the read. As events and offerings are planned, they will be added at the web site http://yourfirstyear.uncg.edu/the-first-year-summer-read/about-fysr/