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2013 CDLC Fellows

The following School of Education faculty were awarded $3,000 fellowships from the Coalition for Diverse Language Communities for their collaborative work with members of diverse language communities:

  • Laura Gonzalez, CED, for Building Self-Efficacy for College Planning Tasks in Spanish-Speaking Parents. This collaborative project, which builds on previous partnership work with Asheboro City Schools and the College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC), will empower Spanish-speaking families by providing information about access to higher education opportunities for their children.
  • Nora Bird, Fatih Oguz, and Clara Chu, LIS, for Preserving Montagnard Refugee Cultural Heritage through Intergenerational Dialogue. This project seeks to understand and preserve the cultural heritage of a unique language community by collecting oral histories from community elders, and facilitating the intergenerational transmission of cultural priorities among the Montagnard population in North Carolina and beyond. The resulting digital materials will preserve the culture of this diverse language community and increase the project’s reach.
  • Belinda Hardin, SES, and Silvia Bettez, ELC, with Million Mekonnen, African Services Coalition, and Raleigh Bailey, Center for New North Carolinians, for Textured Dialogues: A Tapestry of Immigrant Perspectives on Education. This community-driven, collaborative project strengthens the partnership between UNCG and various immigrant and refugee communities in our region as they collectively produce a tapestry and book to represent how their respective communities view education. Ultimately, this unique arts-based project will produce a lasting artifact that can be shared and displayed widely.
  • Bev Faircloth, Shirley Atkinson and, Ye He, TEHE, for Middle Grades English Learners Craft a Sense of School Belonging. This project addresses psychosocial aspects of a school/learning environment that are critical to develop in order to assist English learners to become agents in their own learning. Working with English learners and teachers at Forsyth Middle School around the notion of belonging in this diverse school will yield useful information and strategies that can be shared with other educators.

More information about the work of the CDLC can be found at http://cdlc.uncg.edu